Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Mason,Desire and Me and my cousin sleep over my house

MUM MUM what is it?is my cousin coming over yes...
who is it Kanye onnnnn! Mum can it be a girl sorry this
is for Mason why? Mum. i am going to cry so much ok said
mum where do you want to go? TO THE BEACH yes sure we
can go. guys what beach should we go to what about Mission
Bay yes but mum said there is a big great shark out there.
On there is no shark yes there is a shark mum
is the shark is  a mummy with baby’s yes it is.
As so moving no we had a swim ti was so cool i love it so
much so we had food which was takeaways it was so yummy.
Home time ya ya ya Finally I am at home i need to have a
shower yes To get all the sand off. Bedtime I am so sleepy of
them measurables Beach I could feel the rocks in the sand
under my feet. As so we all we to bed at 10pm the end of the day.

Monday, December 24, 2018

about slime

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So hi if you do not konwe slime can be bad and good but if you think slime is good look up this #slimefails and you will see if it is bad sometimes.