Thursday, May 25, 2017

my work

-Topic-potato and onion
-2  Potato
-500 kilograms chickpea flour
-1 sprinkle of Sistema
-2 sprinkle of  Black pepper
-4 cups of Oil
-3 onion
-An electric frying pan
-A peeler
-A knife
-An Tea towel

                     -Ingredients required   
2- potatoes
2- onions
1- cup of chickpea powder
4- cups of olive oil
-2 cups water
-salt to taste
-some black pepper


On tuesday we make some fritters
And  Mrs Sharma and Gus got the peeler and peeler. The potatoes and Mrs.Sharma  she  diced  the onion
And she got a big bowl and pot 1 cup of chickpea powder. And 2 cup of oil and let it cool down for 1 minute  and she got her fingers and pot the chickpea powder in the a electric frying pan. And  get the wooden spatula to flip it
And wait for another minute then pasta it around in a circle.

Friday, May 5, 2017