Monday, February 19, 2018

wiring about rollercoaster

Mum it is my birthday ‘’yes’’  it is i want to go to the
rollercoasters  placer ok then. So I Invited my cool bff is maani .
We were so happy but I had butterflies in my Stomach.
So then we went on the  blood red  rollercoaster. Me
and maani  was so nervous my mom. Told me to put on my Seat
belt. And i moved we went  up on the rollercoaster
then i did not know we are going Backwards  this was so
scary I thought to myself. Maani!!! I Yelled  we are flying
around and around  on the rollercoaster and the roller coaster
was Twirling around.
I Wanted to go off the rollercoaster
 because i  was dizzy and I had a headache.
But it was fun and i love it

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Image result for cocoIn mexico town Beautiful songs playing. Dante was trying to get some food in the rubbish. He creak on to the brick floor Dante had a banana scrap on his head.
Then dante looked left and he saw a shiny Beautiful bone. He lick his lips and run and eat the bone.